To celebrate love in all its forms, Team Beauty products change clothes and come in romantic packaging, while maintaining the same quality as always. 

Why not demonstrate love through a small daily gesture, celebrating it with an affectionate thought on Valentine’s Day?

We at Team Beauty believe that the celebration of love should take on a universal and concrete meaning, without ever forgetting the desire to feel good about oneself.

That’s why we have given birth to the new Valentine’s Day Collection!

Love is love! 

Valentine’s Day Collection: let’s celebrate love 

Every year, searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift always shows itself as a great feat. I mean, the urge to celebrate our love is definitely a lot! 

We at Team Beauty develop, design and create packaging dedicated to the world of make-up. That’s why, on the most romantic day of the year, Team Beauty has come up with a new collection, specially designed to give free rein to love in all its forms

Valentine’s Day Collection. 

Within this collection we have created:

  • Packaging that complement each other as two sweethearts;
  • Packaging with special hot foil-printed lettering celebrating universal love and shimmering red glossy finishes.

Our range of packaging is unique and original. Whether you prefer traditional shapes or are looking for glamorous and innovative lines, we have what you need! 

Valentine’s Day Collection: the perfect packaging to celebrate love 

Red is the dominant color throughout the collection, enhanced by elements in white to give all products a touch of elegance and versatility. Indeed, red represents the hue of passion and the senses, of romantic and even the most ardent love. Undisputed protagonist of our Valentine’s Day Collection.  

Love is love

For the Love is love line we used a cylindrical bottle with a synchro capsule, which is extremely versatile, with regular and enveloping lines. The result is a compact and functional packaging to make this romantic product special. 

Celebrate love with the most romantic phrases 

There is nothing more romantic than giving applicators whose packaging complements two sweethearts. Pocket-sized mini packs that you can carry

always with you on every occasion for a quick make-up touch-up.

Cylindrical packs with essential and modern shapes in a convenient maxi format for those who like to dream big. 

Bottle FP13

Content 18 ml

Height 85 mm

Diameter 18 mm

Materials PETG/PP

Capsule CP03

Height 44 mm

Materials SANS/ABS

Love is…: FP 13 + CP03 + AM192

...when you make it free like spring: FP13 + CP03 + AM155

…sending you all my love: FP13 + CP03 + AM179 

…mmm so nice: FP13 + CP03 + AM188

Packaging with hot foil stamped lettering 

In our Valentine’s Day Collection, we also designed unique packaging with special hot oleographic print lettering celebrating universal love. It is a cylindrical bottle with synchro capsule, extremely versatile, with regular and enveloping lines, compact and functional. 

Bottle FP02

Content 7 ml

Height 50 mm

Diameter 16.5 mm

Materials PETG/PP

Capsule CP02

Height 44 mm

Materials SANS/ABS

Shimmering red glossy finish

To surprise with a touch of elegance, perfect for a young woman with a trendy style. It will leave you breathless with its contemporary design

Whatever your idea of love, don’t be afraid to celebrate it!

Love is love.