A smooth, seamless process

Our professionals accompany you from day one to build your packaging and launch it to market. We have a clear and streamlined worklow that reduces time and costs, but most importantly will make your packaging special.

Packaging study

  • Company positioning
    Company positioning

    What positioning do you have or want to have in the market? How can we enhance your strengths through packaging?

  • Purpose of packaging
    Purpose of packaging

    What is packaging created for and what form would you like it to take? Capacity is also important in defining the format and performance in the hands of the end customer.

  • Study of the applicator
    Study of the applicator

    Which primary claim do you want to achieve from your applicator? Volume effect, Curling effect, Lengthening effect. We have the solution for everything. At this stage we also define the type of applicator (stiff flock, soft, etc..) and the shape (thin, convex, and more..).

Packaging creation

  • Choice of materials
    Choice of materials

    Let’s choose together the most suitable materials to achieve your packaging goal. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, including the highly sustainable ECOZEN material to inspire your customers.

  • Choice of finish
    Choice of finish

    Transparent, pantone, metallic, matte and more. At this stage we define what effect we want to give to our cosmetic packaging: soft touch is very trendy!


  • Compatibility testing
    Compatibility testing

    We create a prototype of your packaging to test the performance and desired effect.

  • Artwork

    We ask you to send us the graphics which the printing area of your cosmetics packaging will be customized with.

Let's kick off production!

  • Final quotation
    Final quotation

    We will send you an offer to make your packaging in the required quantity.

  • It's all set. Let's build your pack!
    It's all set. Let's build your pack!

    After you have accepted our offer, we will start the production of your cosmetic packaging

Do you have more questions? That’s what we’re here for!