We create cosmetic packaging for small and large Brands

  • Free samples on all products
  • Very low minimum order to get started without stress.
  • 100% Made in Italy

“Our cosmetic packaging is designed to give your customers a tactile and visual sensory experience”

Emanuele Bonanomi


  • Start building your cosmetic packaging!
    Step 1

    Browse through our bottles, caps and applicators

    Get an idea of the shape, size, desired effect.

  • Step 2

    Request a free sample, touching it with your hands is essential!

  • Step 3

    We follow you step by step in creating the perfect packaging for your Brand

Build your own cosmetic packaging

Start with the bottle, match the right cap, and find the perfect applicator!

We are 100 percent Italian. So is all our packaging.

With us you are guaranteed not to have to compromise. You will have the highest quality, and your customers will notice.

ENVIRONMENT Become sustainable. Inspire your community.

Let’s work together for a better world. Let our team of experts guide you in developing sustainable cosmetic packaging, and we’ll help you switch to better materials and decrease your carbon footprint from packaging production. Change also comes through cosmetics brands, and we want to do our part!

Packaging says a lot about your Brand. Our team of professionals will guide you to create something extraordinary

Emanuele Bonanomi

TeamBeauty Srl Founder

Working with Teambeauty means relying on experts to guide you through all the steps:

  • Choosing the performance to achieve for your clients
  • Definition of finish and materials
  • Compatibility of the solution with your packaging

You can ask us for proven solutions. All that's missing is your Brand and you can launch them in the market.

  • Saves time in testing between bottle, cap, and applicator
  • You have guaranteed performance
  • Get investment savings

Choose the highest quality packaging with a low environmental impact

  • Inspire your customers and optimize your marketing strategies
  • Ensure product quality and the highest standards in terms of safety
  • Make your brand more sustainable toward the environment