During Cosmopack 2023 we had the pleasure of presenting our new collections including the Stone Collection

In this collection, the cosmetic product is enhanced by the combination of formula and packaging-that is why we devote all our attention to its selection and design. Thanks to our continuously updated range of applicators, we have the possibility to propose a wide catalog of solutions from which you can choose what best suits your products.

We develop, design and produce packaging dedicated to the world of make-up to give you the opportunity to best express your brand’s personality. This is where the Stone Collection comes from. 

Because passion for what we do is the philosophy of our company.

Stone Collection: a return to the earth and its origins 

Today the importance of packaging is increasingly significant. It is precisely through this aspect that the psychological and visual impact comes into operation, going to amplify the quality of the product and the very reputation of the brand.

Elegant and impactful packaging, just like that offered by the Stone Collection by Team Beauty, helps to leave a good impression even to those who are observing the product line displayed in the store for the first time or have never heard of the brand.

Personalized and original packaging increases the value of a product, making it more desirable in the eyes of consumers. In the cosmetics industry, eye-catching packaging plays a key role. Your beauty and health products should be remembered not only for their beneficial effects, but also for their external, and tactile appearance as in the case of Stone effect that holds the appeal of natural stones. Stone has always been regarded as a material that carries the nobility and charm of the past, capable of winning everyone over.

The Stone Collection is a true return to the origins and the earth, evoking its strength and sense of freedom. 

For a total reconnection with the most primal part of ourselves. 

Stone Collection: the stone effect you’ve been looking for 

Our Stone Collection is eye-catching packaging that simulates the stone effect. Not only that, the unique varnish that characterizes the entire collection will make you feel like you are really holding a stone in your hand. A true reminder of nature and its power

Packaging reminiscent of the rocks of the sea, evoking feelings of freedom. The Stone Collection is the best accessory to make summer unforgettable. In addition, this type of varnish is applicable to any bottle in the Team Beauty catalog. 

The Stone Collection consists of Bottle FP09 + Capsule CP09. It represents the most desired and best-selling cylindrical pack ever. Impeccable in every detail and perfect for the most exclusive products

Below you will find all its features: 

Bottle FP09

  • Content: 12 ml
  • Height: 80 mm
  • Diameter: 16.7 mm
  • Materials: PETG/PP

Capsule CP09

  • Height: 44 mm
  • Materials: SANS/ABS
  • Suitable for / Suitable for: Mascara

Be captivated by a unique and eye-catching design that will amaze and leave you breathless.