Take your lashes to the next level with our innovative packaging. The applicator ensures even distribution of the serum for longer, stronger, more radiant-looking lashes.

Our filled packaging

Our latest filled packaging combines superior applicators and bottles with high-performance beauty products.

Every detail has been carefully considered to provide an unparalleled user experience. Our bottles are designed with high-quality materials, ensuring maximum durability and integrity.

The applicators have been developed to offer flawless precision in application, allowing the beneficial properties of the cosmetic products to be fully utilized.

Through this combination of packaging excellence and cutting-edge beauty formulations , we strive to offer our customers an all-around product experience.

Our applicators

AL17 is a flocked, precision-designed applicator that provides perfect coverage while offering unparalleled comfort.

It glides on effortlessly, leaving a smooth, luminous finish.

AM158 – flocked applicator, caring effect for lashes and eyebrows that are always groomed. Its stiff core gives structure and loads the product, while the sparse, long-haired flock distributes the product generously.

A versatile and functional packaging

We selected FP02 + Cap CP02: a cylindrical bottle with synchro capsule, extremely versatile, with regular and enveloping lines.

Compact and functional packaging to make every product special.

Technical features:

  • 7 ml capacity
  • MOQ 5Kpcs
  • FP02 PETG Bottle
  • Rod CT02 POM

Eyelash serum with a light and fresh texture

Inside you can find Lush Booster Serum for eyelashes, a light and fresh textured gel serum formulated with scientifically validated ingredients to stimulate natural eyelash growth.

How it works.

  • Deep nourishment: actives reach the hair follicle, providing essential nourishment for longer eyelash life.
  • Thickening and lengthening: The serum helps thicken and lengthen lashes, making them more flexible and resilient.

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