In this magical season, plunging into the Christmas atmosphere is like being in an enchanted world of glittering snow and festive joy. Our Let it Snow collection, is an invitation to wrap yourself in holiday magic, an ode to winter that enchants and transforms.

A symphony of pearly white, delicate blue with a touch of vibrant red, a palette that celebrates transformation and rebirth, just like the snow that covers the world with its delicate purity.

White, light blue and red: pure and enchanting

The collection focuses on the purity of white and light blue, offering a range of products perfect for those who see this last time of year as a time of rebirth and transformation. 

The addition of red, a typical Christmas color, amplifies the warmth and festive energy of the season. The muted delicacy of these colors translates into an understated and magical elegance, inspired precisely by the gracefully falling snow.


FP31 Bottle + CP16 Capsule

A versatile 80 ml container with a waste-saving flip top cap, perfect for hand wash gel, shampoo, conditioner, beard and body treatments. 

The light blue and pink versions, designed for this collection, with a snowflake design add a touch of sophistication.

Bottle FP03 + Capsule CP03

This large-format super pack is ideal for never running out of mascara. Available in ice blue or pearl white, it guarantees flawless lashes thanks to the AM96 applicator: a multifunctional all-in-one applicator with a conical teardrop shape that delivers amazing lashes from the first stroke, allowing you to curl and lift lashes with ease.

Bottle FP05 + Capsule CP01

A pocket-sized mini pack, perfect for a quick make-up touch-up. The pearly white color recalls the purity and elegance of snow. 

The AM29 applicator offers natural volume thanks to the soft, white fibers that allow it to pick up a large amount of product and distribute it evenly and modulably over the lashes. Also suitable for clear gels or serums.

Bottle FP32 + Capsule CP18

Versatile, stylish and easily customizable lip gloss bottle that features a transparent rod, thick-rimmed bottle and 6ml filling capacity. In this collection, the bottle has a snowflake pattern to match the snow-like pearl white cap.

Perfect paired with the AL26 flocked applicator with an innovative reservoir that collects texture and gradually releases it. Ergonomic, slightly concave and pointed, it adapts to the shape of the lips and is perfect for outlining contours giving precise and flawless makeup.

BA01 + CA01

This classic cylindrical lipstick is a must-have, perfect for those who love to create creative and ever-changing looks. Decorable with any finish, it stands out in snow white in this deep red version.

Cardboard Palette 

The cardboard palette for eye make-up is designed for its reuse with refills to avoid having to buy it back periodically. This is possible thanks to a magnetic wafer base that allows them to be stored without the use of glue. The 100% made in Italy cardboard, in the striking color ice blue, offers a sustainable and high-quality option.

The “Let it Snow” collection embodies the essence of winter: its timeless elegance blends with practicality, creating a unique combination for every make-up lover. Packaged with care and creativity, this collection is ready to bring the magic of the holidays to the world of make up.