We are pleased to present our new Geometric collection: a perfect blend of geometric patterns and minimalist aesthetics. Inspired by the elegance of geometric shapes, this collection embodies modernity and style: each design has been meticulously crafted to create a visual symphony, naturally blending intricate geometric patterns with bold yet refined aesthetics.

The beating heart of this collection is our striking silver polished finish on a black background with patterns made with holographic print. This combination reflects light in mesmerizing ways that catch the eye. The silvery sheen adds a touch of contemporary elegance, while the deep black background lends a sense of mystery and allure.

The Inspiration of Optical Art

The Geometric Collection was born in a larger project-as seen in the Graffiti Collection-inspired by major artistic trends in modern and contemporary art.

Optical Art, or Op Art, is a 20th-century art movement that exploits optical illusions and geometric compositions to create visually stimulating and engaging works. Characterized by repetitive patterns, color contrasts, and the play of perspective, Op Art invites the viewer to explore visual perception and experience sensations of movement and depth.

Reflecting the aesthetics and principles of Op Art, this packaging collection draws inspiration from these geometric shapes and optical illusions to create a unique and captivating visual experience. Using dynamic lines, overlapping patterns, and bold color contrasts, the packaging we designed creates visual effects that change as the viewing angle changes, thus inviting you to explore and interact with the product in a playful and engaging way. In addition, the use of reflective materials further emphasizes the optical effect, creating a complete sensory experience that extends beyond just using the cosmetic product.

Minimalist design and timeless elegance

This new collection embraces the purity and elegance of geometric shapes through a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic.

Our minimal designs capture the essence of timeless elegance through clean lines and perfect proportions. Simplicity becomes the ultimate form of sophistication. An invitation to discover beauty in simplicity.

The collection consists of:

  • FP09 PP + CP09 + CT46 + TR03 + AM114 HYT 51D elastomer with a circle pattern, arranged in a geometrically precise execution that creates an engaging and contemporary visual effect. The circles overlap and intersect harmoniously, creating an eye-catching atmosphere of movement and dynamism. Thanks to the AM114 applicator, the formula adheres firmly to the lashes and creates a stunning, clump-free curl effect with just one touch. It can be applied at the base of lashes, at the roots, and at the brows for an elaborate, detailed finish.
  • FP09 PP + CP09 + CT46 + TR12 + AM154 HYT 51D elastomer with a striking wave pattern, gently flowing along the surface of the packaging with grace and harmony. The waves follow one another in a sinuous, enveloping rhythm, evoking a feeling of fluidity. The AM154 spiral applicator is designed for multiplied, fan-shaped lashes for a look that does not go unnoticed. The bristles create a harmonious play of lengths and directions, from short at the tip becoming longer at the base, arranging themselves in a helical position. Lashes are captured, pulled and combed for a panoramic volume effect.

Holographic printing: a striking visual effect

The geometric decors in this collection are made with holographic printing. This technique harnesses light in creative ways, using a printing process that incorporates thin layers of holographic reflective materials. These materials are able to refract light in complex ways, creating dynamic and shiny visual effects on product surfaces.

One of the main advantages of holographic printing is its ability to create a wide range of vivid, bright colors that transform and shift depending on the angle with an iridescent effect that adds depth and visual appeal to packaging.

In addition, holographic printing offers extraordinary versatility in design, enabling the creation of intricate geometric patterns, finely elaborate details, and three-dimensional effects that enhance cosmetic packaging. With its ability to create unique reflections and shades, holographic printing allows for eye-catching, high-quality designs that stand out for their beauty and originality.

Every detail of the Geometric Collection is carefully designed to enhance the inherent beauty of geometric patterns, creating a harmonious balance between form and function. Be transported by the refined simplicity of clean lines and precise proportions, lending a timeless modern touch to each piece in our collection.