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TeamBeauty - INNOVATION HUB: The space where ideas take shape

09 dicembre 2020

Experimentation exercises to test innovation, adaptability, transversality and keeping up with the world.


1 Shape,  3 Effects.
Can the type of fibre affect the final result?

  • Same volumizing formula. 
  • same shape as hourglass brush.
  • 3 different make-up results.

100% green fibre resulting from castor beans.
Natural, panoramic volume effect.

Wavy fibre.
Panoramic volume effect, rich but defined and tidy.

Hollow fibre.
Fake eyelash effect, full and indisputable volume.


Fewer gestures, better application.
The exclusive patented TEAMBEAUTY applicator has an innovative tank that collects the texture and gradually releases it. Just press slightly to free further product from the reservoir and have the applicator soaked again and ready to use.

Precise and flawless makeup.
With a slightly concave and pointed ergonomic shape, the applicator adapts perfectly to the shape of the lips and it is perfect for outlining contours but not only…

it is a multipurpose applicator that works perfectly with formulas of a different nature.

Gloss formula, super glossy finish.
Medium coverage and extreme 3D shine for lips with a plumped and smooth appearance.

Concealer formula, matt finish.
High coverage, quick-drying, it hides imperfections and gives a silky effect on the skin.

No transfer liquid lipstick formula, matt finish.
High coverage and long-lasting. Lips always hydrated thanks to its active ingredients.