REBIRTH: your new bottle

TeamBeauty - REBIRTH: your new bottle

11 maggio 2020

Team Beauty works with you, and always remains by your side on the front line, especially during this health emergency.
Determined to offer you a real contribution, our innovation team has converted our production lines and given Rebirth a new light: the Team Beauty bottle, ideal for the production of sanitizers and hand creams.

Why did we call it Rebirth? Because this bottle - which has remained somehow in the shadows until today - has now become the symbol of rebirth.
We have adapted it, we have improved it, in order to make it perfect in support of all of you and our beloved world.
Thanks to our collaborators, who continue tirelessly to work every day, we can guarantee you our support and a stock of Rebirth bottles with immediate delivery.


Bottle material  PETG  /  Closing material  PP  /  Capacity 80ml  /  Closing top flip top cup